LGU GenSan to conduct Business Opportunities Forum in Manila on May 2020

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February 28, 2020
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March 17, 2020

LGU GenSan to conduct Business Opportunities Forum in Manila on May 2020

LGU Gensan will be bringing projects for Joint Venture Partnership and for Private-Public Partnership in Manila

Come May 28, 2020, the Local Government Unit of General Santos City, in partnership with the United States  Agency International Development (USAID) in line with its Strengthening Urban Resilience for Growth with Equity (SURGE) Project, will be conducting the first and biggest Business Forum in Manila. Together with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Filipino Chinese Chamber based in General Santos City, the team from General Santos City will be bringing over 30 projects for presentation to the business stakeholders and targeted companies based in the key cities of the country.

               With the tagline “Invest GenSan: The Right Place to be”, the delegation which will be headed by Mayor Ronnel C. Rivera himself, hopes to bring in big ticket projects that would boost its economy. These projects were identified from the LGU’s 14 Investment Priority Areas and  will  initially focus on five areas namely: Agribusiness, Tourism, Manufacturing, Real Estate Development as well as  Infrastructure and Logistics. Relative to this, the City Economic Management Cooperative Development Office Head, Mr. Leonard Flores said, “Members of the business sector who also  have big-ticket projects on hand, and perhaps looking for  partners; or locators in economic zones, may  join as delegation.  Just submit your proposals to us using our Project Brief template.” 

               Initially under Agribusiness, the projects that were identified are:  Integrated Food Terminal (IFT); Mango Post Harvest Facility; Fisheries Laboratory w/ complete facilities; Processing Facility/Toll Packaging for fishery value-added products; Hatchery Facility for Fingerlings; Cold Storage Facility; Abbatoir Construction and Management.      

             On the other hand, under  Tourism, the following projects were identified: Queen Tuna Park Development;  Convention and Exhibition Facilities or “Meetings, incentives, Conventions and Exhibition (MICE) facilities; Theme Parks;  Amusement Parks;  Adventure and Eco-tourism Facilities;  Farm Tourism; Restoration/preservation and operation  of historical shrines, landmarks and structures (e.g. Japanese bunkers); Mangrove Ecotourism Projects; Establishment of Halal Restaurants; Accommodation Facilities; Health and Wellness Facilities, and, Development of Retirement Villages.   and Development of Projects with Iconic Designs that would serve as a landmark of the city or country.

              In Manufacturing sector, the following opportunities were identified: Export Manufacturing inside the PEZA-Accredited Economic Zones; Tire Manufacturing, Packaging (Plastics / Boxes / Bottles); Car Auto/Spare Parts; Agri/Food Processing (including Halal Food Manufacturing; and, Operation of Aviation Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO).

           Lastly, under the area of Infrastructure and Logistics, the following projects were identified: Projects under the Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Development (SUID) Masterplan;  Telecommunication; Bulk Water System;  Solid Waste Management Collection Services; Health Care Services (e.g. Home Care, Sanitarium Facilities);  Waste Management Facilities; LGU-PPPs  Cargo Forwarding Services and Containering Services.####   (VTP/CEMCDO/IPD)