Tuna Capital of the Philippines
November 22, 2015
National Tourism Week Celebration 2015
June 16, 2016

What’s in “It’s GenSan Now”

Tit's gensan nowhe first word of this catch phrase, “IT’S” actually stands for Investment, Tourism and Services. The five videos then proceeds to showcase these aspects through the following titles: Rave in our Vibrant Vibe; Feast in our Food; Create Memories and Moments; Get High on our Hills; and Wade in our World of Waters.

The official greeting “Magandang Gensan” started by the previous administration is still used in the new jingle played differently on each video contrary to reports that it will be discarded. One thing more, the five videos seem to be intricate and elaborate versions of the first wave of groundbreaking videos that were released by City Hall in 2009 (Magandang Gensan: Faces, Facets Places), featuring more positive and endearing symbols and images of the city this time. These include spectacular aerial shots of various city landscapes.