GSC Fishport Complex

The most modern Fishport in the country. This 32-hectare facility boasts of world class facilities & amenities that supplies Sashimi Grade Tuna to the world. You can observe Tuna Unloading, Tuna Grading, Tuna Hauling, Tuna Trading, Tuna Weighing, Tuna Cleaning, Tuna Classifying. Fresh, Frozen Seafood Establishments within the Port Drive through: Foreign Vessels at other Ports Cold Storage | Blast Freezing Facilities Weigh Bridge Market Halls 1 , 2 & 3.

Tuna Canning Factory (Optional)

Out of the eight (8) Tuna Caning Factories of the Philippines, Seven (7) are in Gensan. The presence of these canning factories affirms our claim that Gensan is indeed “The Tuna Capital of the Philippines”.

Calumpang Dried Fish Market

Onboard tuna Fishing vessels, various fish were Sun and air dried, while tuna fishing is going on overseas. This gives Calumpang Dried Fish its distinct flavor and taste.

Horizon Can (Tin Can Factory)

This tin can factory directly supports the fishing industry of the city, producing tin cans for the seven canning factories in the area.

Ten Point Factory

The only processing plant that Ships Fresh Sashimi slices to Japan. Tuna crazy cuts, palik-pic, panga, belly and tuna intestinal organs are sold at lesser prices compared to market prices..

Mt. Sabrina Panoramic View & Resort

The newest mountain resort of Gensan situated in a serene environment with a soothing Tuna Shaped- Swimming Pool.

Makar Wharf

Lies directly on international shipping route, has an adequate cargo handling capacity and increased operation efficiency to service an upsurge in cargo traffic. The wharf has a deep natural harbor while handling capacity of 31,843 and a provision of 10,500 sq. m livestock holding terminal. One of the cleanest ports in the country.

Queen Tuna Park

The government owned beach resort situated at the heart of the city, for family picnics, swimming, beach sports activities like skim boarding, beach volleyball or simply counting the stars on a serene night. Great venue for Beach parties and Night Band Gigs.

Shopping at Tuna Value Added Products Outlets

Sprawling over the city. Assorted Tuna products such as Tuna Tocino, Tuna Embutido, Tuna Nuggets, Tuna Siomai, Tuna Hotdogs, Tuna Burger, Tuna Longganisa, Tuna Chicharon and a lot more. Fresh & Frozen Tuna prime Cuts like Tuna Belly, Tuna Panga, Tuna Tail, or plain sashimi slices are also available to sit one’s choice. Other tuna crazy cuts are also for sale such as palikpik, bihod, bagaybay, ad tuna skin.

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