Seminar Workshop on Investment Promotion Plan Crafting

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February 12, 2019
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March 20, 2019

Seminar Workshop on Investment Promotion Plan Crafting

Last March 11 to 13, different departments of the Local Government (CEMCDO, City Planning and Development Office, City Public Information Office, City Mayor’s Office – Building Permits and Licenses Division and City Mayors Office), together with our partners in the private sectors (Mr. Neil Cachuela, Administrator of the Gensan Economic Zone, Mr. Jan S. Ced, President of Mabuhay IT Park, Ms. Kharen Mharyh Quetulio of GSCCI, Ms. Felicidad P. Into, President of SMEDCI, Mr. Boyet Halago of the GSCCI and Ms. Rofil Mae M. Rillo of SCFCCI) all gathered together for the Seminar- Workshop on Investment Promotion Plan Crafting.

It was a three day workshop aimed to maximize the city’s competitiveness towards attracting new investments and creating jobs by providing relevant and accurate official information on investment opportunities available in the city. Facilitated by Mr. Fernando Gerard O. Espero, III., the workshop was a great venue for all the participants to learn new strategies and share their inputs on investment promotion.

Three key take-aways during the event, on top on many learnings are:

  • The importance of a consolidated database.

In investment promotion, one of the most important factor is updated and reliable data. This enables the working group to come up with suitable strategies and programs, based on the data that would be helpful in promoting investment for the city

  • Developing an Investment Promotion Strategy.

Creating a promotions plan takes strategy and proper implementation. There were segments during the workshop where the participants were taught on how to create project briefs, projects guides, and implementation schedules, among others.

  • Vital role of the private sector and its progressive relationship with the local government.

The participation of the private sector in creating an investment promotional strategy plays an equally important role as the role the local government plays. It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Finally, the workshop is a positive indication that the local government with the relentless support of the private sector continuous to take major steps promoting business and investment for the city.