Very Good Economic Performance Continues

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February 14, 2018
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April 10, 2018

Very Good Economic Performance Continues

RECENT DATA ON COMPETITIVENESS RANKING, TOURISM DEVELOPMENT AND ENTERPRISE PROGRAM shows a continuing resilient performance of Gensan. In its latest concluded 2016 Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index, 3rd CMCI Regional awarding ceremony, RC3— Regional Competitiveness Coordinating Committee—recognized and ranked the city no. 15 in highly urbanized cities category clinching it based on the aspects of economic dynamism, government efficiency, and infrastructure placing nos. 10, 12, and 24 correspondingly. This is an improvement coming from the spot no. 17 in the competitiveness index established in 2015; creeping two-tier upward to signal the city has what it takes to change course for the better and rise to competitiveness. But, lest it is construed there is contentment on this, it should not be inasmuch as the thrust really is to barge into one of the most competitive cities in the country; making it a feat more significant allowing for its landing in the top 10 ranking. Perhaps a tall order, save for the city has the tools to compete and match up with other cities considering it is a financial and trading hubs. As all roads lead to Gensan, it is a gateway to the economic activities of Region 12. And it should be recalled for good measure that in two consecutive years in the past, Gensan used to lord it over other highly urbanized cities besting them in not a few categories on competitiveness ranking of the Philippine Cities Competitiveness Ranking Project conducted by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Policy Center.

Likewise, the city recorded 1,204,459 tourist arrivals, both local and foreign person, in the year 2015—ranking first in SOCCSKSARGEN, which indicated that tourism is alive and doing good here. Combining this with another equally important highlight that contributed to the saga of the aforementioned caption is the crafting of a policy helping tourism related/oriented establishments improved its capability to serve tourists, which resulted to the record-number 43 accredited establishments [nowhere in the past has come closer to this number]; that by being a DOT accredited establishment embodies good practice easily embraced. All in all, there is the Department of Tourism XII substantiating this by way of their recognition on June 2, 2016 for the record matter-of-factly. Thus, tourism is thriving in the city.

On the last program, one million eight hundred thousand four hundred eighty five pesos and sixteen centavos (P1,800,485.16) in absolute number were spent that indeed new money was poured in circulation pump-priming the local economy benefitting micro, small and medium entrepreneurs and its advancement thereupon. This amount came from the implementation of Bottom-Up Budgeting (BuB) accessed through the Department of Trade and Industry as a national program for the year 2015 culminating in December 2015. The strategy was focused on industry clustering covering 1,800 beneficiaries from different barangays, which is vital in building the local government and community; that the more new entrepreneurs developed, there is propensity afterwards to improve the livelihood of the people in general and the economy in particular, and essentially counting as one good management of the local economy.

There is a compound adjective that best describes the city’s performance along the only three parameters in that it is “very good.”