Ensuring stable prices and supply during Covid-19 pandemic

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Ensuring stable prices and supply during Covid-19 pandemic

The General Santos City Price Monitoring Council convened this morning to discuss measures on ensuring the implementation and strong  enforcement of the Price Act, which provides consumer protection by stabilizing the price and supply of basic necessities and prime commodities and prescribing measures against undue price increases especially during emergencies.

The council is composed of and attended by officers/members/personnel from different public and private sector such as the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines (FDA), National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Offices of the Local government unit- City Mayor’s Office through the City Administrator’s Office (CAO), the City Economic Management and Cooperative Development (CEMCDO), City Agriculture Office and City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO),  and from the private sector, the General Santos City Consumer Welfare Council Inc. (GSCWCI) and from the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council Inc. (SMEDCI).

As agreed by the council, and as adherence to national and local decrees, the following measures shall be imposed:

  1. Weekly submission of Monitoring Report from all concerned agencies and groups regarding:

a. Prevailing Price in the market on all basic and primary necessities;

b. Level of supply of said necessities; and

c. Report on potential or existing commission of illegal acts enumerated in the Price Act

  • Creation of Task Force Enforcement which will conduct Bi-monthly inspection on establishments to ensure compliance to Price Act, and report any violations for law enforcement; and
  • Creation of Task Force Adjudication to reprimand and/or implement necessary sanctions and legal actions to violators

 As the pandemic Covid-19 extends, the local government in partnership with all concerned agencies and the private sectors, is relentless in taking measures that no one will take advantage of this situation.

As members of society, we encourage everyone to be vigilant and help in law enforcement by reporting any abuse you may witness.

Also, we consistently remind everyone to keep a calm composure; for panic causes nothing but worry and disorder. Spread kindness and mindful consideration of everyone around us.

We fight this as one, and we will win through this as one.