Trade and Product and Development Program

Trade and Product Development Program is now on its 14th year. The yearly event is the most awaited program looked up to by the city’s enterprising constituents. This is one of the city’s event where the city’s MSMEs will take center stage to demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit showcasing products, talents and skills, aptitude and expertise at the same time learn new technologies to become more competitive in the field of business within the local, regional and national field and with other ASEAN countries through the onset of ASEAN Economic Integration.

The institutionalization of Trade and Product Development (TPD), the Yabong Malilit na Negosyo through SP Resolution No. 169, Series of 2003 dubbed as Yaman Gensan (YG), aims to assist MSMEs in developing and improving entrepreneurship through the conduct of relevant trainings, fairs and exhibits,  and competitions. The One Town One Product (OTOP) Project is another component that promotes the development of processed aqua marine products through entrepreneurial and skills building activities. The Intellectual Property Development Services (IPBDS) component focuses on enhancing consciousness on Intellectual Property (IP) through the conduct of forums, capability training, and promotion activities. This will open doors for business opportunities to existing, emerging, potential entrepreneurs, displaced workers, out of school youth, students, ethnic groups, barangay based entrepreneurs, cooperative and service sectors of the city.

Enterprise Development for MSMEs

The local government of General Santos City, in its continual effort in providing total quality service has been extending technical assistance to entrepreneurs to improve product quality, skills and competencies by providing trainings and seminar for them to have a better quality of service & opportunities. This year identified participants are the group of men and women who are existing and potential willing to do business by selling variety of products from fish, meat, fruits and vegetables other goods, and home decors. Activities to be conducted are scheduled on June-October 2016.

Consumer Welfare Protection and Advocacy Program

Republic Act 7394 known as the “Consumer Act of the Philippines” protects the general welfare of the consumer and Republic Act 7581 known as the “Price Act” upholds the interest of the consumer by stabilizing prices of the basic necessities. The department, in cooperation with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the General Santos City-Consumer Welfare Council Inc. (GSC-CWCI), the activities for the Consumer Welfare Month shall concentrate on campaign for awareness of these laws, protecting the rights of consumers and promoting their general welfare.

Business Plan Competition

The Business Plan Competition is an arena for college students to present their bright ideas, bring out their potential and enhance their entrepreneurial drive. BPC highlight the beauty of Entrepreneurship, thus encouraging more people to enroll in this course. Participant’s project will not only have a chance to get the attention of potential investors but also their ideas could spring up innovation and value adding awareness to the local market. BPC is a realization for more students to choose a business endeavor to create more revenues of their own and create more jobs. This project is an enabling and empowering type of program that will promote sustainable development. The Business Plan Competition would be a pebble that will create a ripple effect and shake the economy for the future growth.

Cooperative Month Celebration

Presidential Proclamation No. 493 declares the month of October 2004 and every year thereafter as cooperative month. The local government in partnership with Cooperative Development Authority, city cooperatives, and GSC Cooperative Development Council shall undertake activities to raise the consciousness of the community on cooperative movement and for coop members to uphold its principle and values for cooperative development.

In 2015, the city has total 171 registered cooperative with various economic undertakings such as credit/lending, services(manpower), multi-purpose, agricultural and others. Cooperative in order to become competitive needs to have partnership with other existing cooperatives for support and promotion. With the conduct of event, cooperative shall once again show their strengths and promote cooperative movement.

8th Yaman Awards

Yaman Awards is an initiative to recognize the contributions of local micro, small and medium entrepreneurs in the economic growth and development of the city. This year Yaman Awards shall once again recognize and honor the inspiring men and women entrepreneurs of the city who demonstrate the winning vision, determination and innovative mindset that empower them to transform industries and drive social and economic change. This year’s 8th staging of Yaman Awards during the culmination of the city’s annual celebration of Trade and Product Development Yaman Gensan or Yabong Maliliit na Negosyo on October 2016.


Entrepreneur’s Products

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