This section sets the playing field for the investors to decide, establish and maximize their businesses in the city. It is responsible for the identification, profiling and prioritization of industries, investment areas, and similarly related projects and programs. This section reviews and formulates policies and procedures, and extends technical assistance to Special Bodies (Competitiveness Cluster/ Committee) all for economic growth and development of the city.

This section aims to boost the economic growth of the city by attracting investors to establish their businesses on grounds by highlighting the city’s opportunities and industry potentials through the preparation of promotional activities, production of promotional materials, and investors profiling. It also acts as the Technical Secretariat for the Public- Private Partnership (PPP) Board of the city.

This section is in-charge of data generation purposedly to measure and analyze the city competitiveness in terms of economic dynamism, government efficiency and infrastructure. The economic and investment data generation is further used in the preparation of the promotional collaterals, Integrated Business Environment Profile and the City Economic Development Plan just to name a few. It is also through this section where internal and external customer’s requests for economic and investments-related data are provided. It serves as the secretariat of the GSC Investment Board (GSCIB) tasks to facilitate investor’s application for the local incentive offered by the city as provided by the GSC Investment Code of 2015. Also this section is responsible for the promotion and implementation of the ICT/BPm programs through the conduct of ICT-related programs in order to make the city as the “Next Wave City.”

Investmeet is one of the banner programs of the LGU-GenSan CEMCDO’s Investment Division