When it started

In 1990, the City Economic Management Office (CEMO), together with the City Population Management Office (CPMO) and the City Housing and Land Management Office (CHLMO) were created to address the increasing demands of the city, as it continues to develop. The City Economic Management Office was created through SP Ordinance No. 22, series of 1990, in order for the city to have a specialized department dealing with specific issues, concerns, and demands with regards to the economic development.

In 1995, through the SP Resolution No. 333, or the Resolution Approving the New Organizational Structure of the City Government of General Santos, the name of the department was changed to what it is now, the City Economic Management and Cooperative Development Office (CEMCDO).

Through the years

CEMCDO achieved its current status due to the leadership of Ms. Gloria Mercado (Department Head) and Mr. Dario Pampanga (Assistant Department Head) who were the first to hold the helm of CEMO in 1991. They started the operation of the department, fulfilling the purpose of its creation. Ms. Mercado was then succeeded by Ms. Rose Evelyn Lumbos in 1996, and later by Mr. Dario Pampanga as Acting Department Head in 1997.

Ms. Rebecca Magante (current Department Head of the City Social Welfare Development Office) also served as OIC- epartment Head.  She was succeeded by Ms. Coralynn G. Espinosa (present Department Head of the City Internal Audit Services) from 2004 to 2010. Under her leadership, CEMCDO activities including the Yaman Awards, Eco Karera and City Festivals were initially facilitated. In her 6-year term as Acting Department Head, Ms. Espinosa was able to address the logistical concerns of the department and improved the tourism profiles and investment promotions of the city.

Following Ms. Espinosa, Mr. Edgar Cadiente (Assistant Department Head) became the in-charge of office. He was later substituted by Mr. Gabriel Francis Glennville N. Gonzales (Present Assistant Department Head of the City Administrator’s Office) as Acting Department Head in 2011.

Ms. Meriam L. Buguis was appointed as City Government Department Head II of the CEMCDO in 2012. Under her leadership, the Quality Management System (QMS) was implemented. In addition, the General Santos Economic Summit was launched as department’s regular activity every two years, the purpose of which is to solicit issues and concerns from different stakeholders regarding the economic situation of the city. Meanwhile, the City Government of General Santos, through CEMCDO, forged a partnership with the City Development Initiatives for Asia (CDIA) on the conduct of Pre-Feasibility Study on the Integrated Economic Development for Regional Trade in General Santos City.

Upon the resignation of Ms. Buguis on April 2015, she was replaced by Engr. Nael Joseph D. Cruspero (Present Department Head of the City Planning and Development Office) until June 2015.

From June 2015, Ms Riza Marie T. Paches assumed the office and implemented some improvements and automation of office processes and functions. She implemented the centralized document tracking system, improved the CEMCDO Performance Monitoring System – an online Strategic Performance Management System, automated the  supply distribution and monitoring system. Also, she established the quarterly issue of CEMCDO Digest and the Annual Accomplishment Report of the office.

At present, the City Economic Management and Cooperative Development Office is headed by Enp Leonard V. Flores, MPA  and Mr. Allan Marcilla (Assistant Department Head). These generations of leaders were all contributory to the success of the department and to the status of what it is now.