• Gensan is located at the southern portion of Southcentral Mindanao. It is surrounded by South Cotabato and Sarangani Province with a population of 538, 086 (as of 2010 census)


  • 53,606 hectares
  • 14 Urban Barangays & 12 Rural Barangays


  • Based on the 2008 Annual Budget (Regular and Supplemental Budgets), General Santos City, a highly urbanized  city  since 1985, has 1.1 billion pesos budget a select corps of billion-peso cities in the country.


  • Multi-lingual predominantly Sugbuhanon (Cebuano), Hiligaynon, Kapampangan, Ilocano, Maranao and Blaan


  • September 5 – Charter Day Anniversary/Tuna Festival
    February 27 – Kalilangan Festival


Business and Banking

  • General Santos City is the commercial and entertainment center of the SOCCSKSARGEN region.  It has all the amenities of an urban center. Christians and Muslims living here enjoy the peace and progress of the city.  Most of the shops open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. but there are convenient stores which operate until the wee hours. Private or government offices as well as the regional offices of different government agencies are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm  Monday to Friday. There are almost 50 commercial banks operating without noon break and with ATMs 24/7. Nightlife is vibrant with bars closing at 3:00 a.m. the following day. Favorite hang-outs are Phayahay, Veranza, Veranda, Top 7, V Bar, McDonalds Highway, Jollibee National Highway, JMP Complex City Heights, Sarangani Highlands, JMP Complex, San Pedro Barbeque Avenue, Robinson’s Place and many more new cafés and burger stations. For fine dining, you can go to Grab-a-Crab, Bigbys, Big Ben, Red Trellis and Sydney Hotel. People shop and unwind at SM GenSan, Gaisano Mall of Gensan, KCC Mall and Robinson’s Place with state of the art cinemas. Vista Land (Camella Homes) and Sta. Lucia’s (Colinas Verdes), two of the largest real estate developers in the country, have started their construction of an upscale subdivision projects. More low-cost and medium-end housing projects are sprouting in the outskirts of the city evident of the city’s strong market.  Several fast-food chains from Manila have their own outlets here. There are numerous internet cafes charging as low as P10 per hour while Wi-Fi ready establishments are available. Telecommunication providers Sun, Globe and Smart are fortifying their presence here while major car dealers like Mitsubishi, Foton, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Isuzu, and Chevrolet are operating vigorously here with numerous SUVs bearing their brands crisscrossing the busy streets of the city.


Convention Facilities /Hotel Accommodation

  • General Santos has hotels with complete amenities and convention facilities which can accommodate between 50 to 2,000 people. Prominent of these are the GreenLeaf Hotel, Microtel, Mt. Sabrina, London Beach and Resort, Sarangani Highlands, Family Country Hotel and Convention Center, GSC Lagao Gymnasium, NDDU Bro. McKnight Auditorium, KCC Convention Center, East Asia Royale Hotel, ABC Stars Convention Center, Venue 88, Phela Grande Hotel and Convention Center, NFA Conference Hall and MSU Graduate School Center. Numerous regional and Mindanao-wide conventions were held here as well as national conventions.

Educational institutions

  • General Santos City is the cultural and educational center of the region. Notre Dame of Dadiangas University and Mindanao Polytechnic College are producing topnotchers in  nursing, and marine engineering board examinations, respectively while the Mindanao State University, is among the top schools in the country in mechanical, electrical and agricultural engineering producing topnotchers in its board exam. NDDU is listed as among the top 40 colleges/universities in the country by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) with autonomous status. Most of the private and public schools of the city are already k-12 ready, giving the quality education for the future generation.


Medical facilities

  • There are four tertiary hospitals in the city, the General Santos Doctors Hospital, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Mindanao Medical Center, and SOCSARGEN County Hospital, capable of providing quality health service to the people of the city.


  • The General Santos City Water District provides potable water to the people of the city.  Mineral water of different brands are  available in all grocery stores, drugstores, hotels and restaurants while there are establishments offering purified drinking water.


How to get there

  • General Santos is accessible by plane or boat (for gargo) from Manila and Cebu. Land transportation to any point of Mindanao is available.


  • The General Santos Alternative International Airport can accommodate Airbuses and Boeing planes. Daily flights from General Santos City to Cebu and Manila are being served by Cebu Pacific, and Philippine Airlines. The airport is one of the few airports in the country according to the Air Transportation Office that can accommodate wide-bodied planes.


  • General Santos is easily accessible by boat from Manila, Cebu, and Iloilo via the Port of Makar, 6 kms. from city proper. A trip from Manila takes 26 hours. Fares vary according to accommodations. Bananas, and other agricultural products are transported to Manila and Cebu. The city is also accessible by boat from Sarangani and Jose Abad Santos towns (Davao del Sur)


  • Tricycles are common in General Santos and they are all painted sky blue for uniformity. They go around and even outside the city proper. Jeepneys are used in the main city streets. Cars for rent are available upon request in most hotels and at the airport. Buses ply the routes from General Santos to other cities and provinces of Mindanao.

Celebrity Generals

-Aside from being the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, General Santos City is also known as “The Home of the Champions, Home of the Stars.”  Generals are proud to be represented by promising stars like Gerald Anderson and  Mellisa Canteveros; two of the most finest dancers of the country like the XB Gensan and Sample Queen Queenie Velarde; our very own representative that proves that the Generals doesn’t  only  have beauty but also brains, Ms. Shamcey Supsup; and the man that made the Philippines known to the world in the world of boxing and the very first senator from Gensan, Mr. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.



  • Minimum – 66 F & Maximum – 85 F


What to Wear

  • Lightweight clothing is recommended for the humid weather. The Generals still has their conservative side, but they can never be behind of today’s fashion trends. In GenSan, you must wear what is suitable for an event and venue. For formal occasions, the traditional barong tagalong is common. Bars, restaurants and hotels have no dress code but it is considered improper to wear shorts and slipper.


General Santos City is politically subdivided into 26 barangays.


Name Code Urban/Rural Population
(as of May 1, 2010)
Baluan 126303003 Rural 6,132
Buayan 126303004 Urban 10,375
Bula 126303005 Urban 32,364
Conel 126303006 Rural 9,762
Dadiangas East (Pob.) 126303007 Urban 4,821
Katangawan 126303009 Rural 11,959
Lagao (1st & 3rd) 126303011 Urban 47,254
Labangal 126303012 Urban 57,746
Ligaya 126303015 Rural 4,202
Mabuhay 126303016 Rural 19,533
San Isidro (Lagao 2nd) 126303023 Urban 42,661
San Jose 126303024 Rural 7,486
Sinawal 126303026 Rural 10,718
Tambler 126303027 Urban 15,845
Tinagacan 126303028 Rural 5,631
Apopong 126303029 Urban 45,089
Siguel 126303030 Rural 9,905
Upper Labay 126303031 Rural 2,826
Batomelong 126303032 Rural 2,851
Calumpang 126303033 Urban 67,156
City Heights 126303034 Urban 23,772
Dadiangas North 126303035 Urban 9,430
Dadiangas South 126303036 Urban 7,212
Dadiangas West 126303037 Urban 15,202
Fatima 126303038 Urban 65,189
Olympog 126303039 Rural 2,965