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July 30, 2018
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November 7, 2018

YesGensan – home grown up mobile app

Mr. Melmar B. Quejada presented the Yes Gensan mobile app during the Gensan ICT Summit 2018.

Nowadays, you can accomplish many things with merely clicking, tapping, and swiping of your fingers. We now live in a time where everything, from entertainment, communication, people and even services are connected online. People do and accomplish tasks in a blink of an eye, and convenience has become a number one priority in day to day living and working. Because of this, the market for platforms that connect businesses and services to prospective and existing clientele have never been more in demand.

This is where people like Mr. Melmar B. Quejada, Mr. Ralph C. Danding and Mr. Clint D. Pudadera from Creative Sphere Studios Advertising and IT Solutions (CSS) come in. Mr. Quejada is a Graphic artist, while Mr. Danding is the Senior Web developer of the group, a mobile app developer and project manager, and last but not the least Mr. Pudadera who is also a web developer. For the past few years CSS have been developing a mobile application that will connect the entire City into a nexus of information accessible to anyone with a mobile device.

The primary aim of the mobile application YesGensan was to connect the people of the city and those who would journey there to the various tourists attractions, business establishments, service providers, events and to keep them updated with the latest news, information, and announcements that is happening within the city of General Santos free, for both people who will download the application, and the private business owners, offices and service providers that wishes their establishments, skills and products to be featured to anyone with a mobile device who had installed the application.

Now, YesGensan nears its final stages of development, every General and all those who find themselves in the city will be connected more than ever to the city transforming into a network of opportunity, possibility and an endless potential for growth, development and prosperity.

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